Goodfellas v. Worsefellas – Ray Liotta sues Nerium over fake before/after photos

UPDATE TO THE STORY:  Seems Nerium settled the lawsuit with Ray Liotta. Of course, they are keeping the terms of settlement hush-hush. What that usually means is that they don’t want the world to see them with their tail dragging between their legs because the evidence was clear and not at all in their favor.  Consider it a win for the forces of justice and fairness over the forces of evil.  We hope Mr. Liotta walked away from the deal with many millions in his pocket in recompense for the theft of his image.

Here is the story:  http://mynewsla.com/hollywood/2015/01/06/goodfellas-star-ray-liotta-settles-lawsuit-skin-cream-company/


Nerium International is being taken to court by Ray Liotta. Seems he is a tad upset about seeing his face plastered all over Nerium web sites with claims that the pairs of images reflect Liotta’s face before and after using Nerium AD.  According to Liotta he has never used Nerium AD.  And never would, even if they paid him.

See this  news report on TMZ  which states  “Ray Liotta says a skin care company is like a pimple on his ass, and he’s gonna pop it … in court. Liotta has filed a federal lawsuit against a company called Nerium International, which hawks a skin care product called Nerium AD. The company has been blanketing social media since October, touting Liotta’s “before and after” pics and taking credit for the results, saying the Goodfella turned back the clock thanks to their wonder cream. Liotta is pissed, saying he never used the product and certainly didn’t give permission to use his name or likeness.  Liotta is suing the company and one of the investors — Michael Shouhed who stars in “Shahs of Sunset – for lots of money, and he wants an immediate face lift … as in, lift my face off your stupid ad”.

Here is the case caption: Ray Liotta; Punky Inc. v. Nerium International Inc., a Texas LLC; Michael Shouhed; Kelly Hefferman; Judith Perez; Sheri Vareszadeh; Jackie Brann; Nelson Brann; Victoria Rowe; Kimberly Felice; Michelle Manire; Does..   3/5/2014 2:14 cv 1632 Snyder (Western Division – Los Angeles).

Complaint for violation of the Lanham Act, unfair competition. Liotta is an internationally known film and television actor. Defendant Nerium generates revenue using a produced-based pyramid scheme. Defendant Nerium sells a skin care product named “Nerium AD,” that defendant claims produces dramatic improvements in the look of a person’s skin. Nerium have used and continue to use Liotta’s name, likeness, image, identity and persona to advertise, market and promote the sale of Nerium AD.

Did they say “pyramid scheme”? Aren’t those illegal?

Here is the full complaint in .pdf format filed in Los Angeles Superior Court yesterday: 1435530

Notice in the complaint certain accusations made by Plaintiff Liotta about Nerium’s product & marketing scheme “on information and belief” …

…”the purported ‘real results’ and ‘actual customer success’ of using Nerium AD shown in those ‘before and after’ photographs are fabricated – that is, they are not real results…”

…”Nerium’s claims of dramatic skin improvements have not been validated or confirmed by any recognized or peer reviewed scientific studies..”

…”Nerium uses ‘before and after photos’ with fabricated results to fraudulently induce consumers to purchase Nerium AD…”

…”alleged use and results that are completely fabricated, contrived, and utterly false.”

Now we should all keep in mind that folks can say anything in a complaint to a civil court, and it doesn’t mean it’s true – they could be wrong about Nerium.

We have seen celebrities join the Nerium Pyramid as brand partners. That should help their image / careers!

I’m sure we will be seeing a feature article in Happiness Magazine soon.  The joys of borrowing without permission the name, image, and persona of another person to hawk your products. 

Typical Nerium web site: Great Skin Now: Ray Liotta’s Nerium Before and After Pictures …   greatskin-n.blogspot.com – Celebrity Ray Liotta’s results after using Nerium for 30 days! One bottle, two if you use the day cream. No systems, steps, or expensive Ray-Liotta-Nerium-Before-and-After-Photogadgets.

Well, it goes to prove. There are goodfellas, badfellas, and worsefellas.  Which camp do you think Nerium belongs in? Your comments below. We will follow this story.



  1. sss says:

    SCAM MLB.. People being separated from their $ in hopes of sucking even more people into this so they can screw them. Just hope you have a chair when the music stops!

  2. heh heh says:

    A bunch of Nerium web sites are suddenly and mysteriously shut down today. Here is an example:

    Actor Ray Liotta uses Nerium. More… – Maura MacPherson Keller …
    I had no idea that actor Ray Liotta is a Nerium believer. His results are amazing. Want to see what your results will be? Message me …

    Try to go there and you get a blank page or error. Seems they are scrambling to perform “damage control”.

    Watch out, Ray. Seems you are being “erased”.

  3. John says:

    When all this shakes it will be obvious that the company did not supply or encourage the use of Mr. Liotta’s photo. The blame for that lies with individual product distributors who ran with the photo and false claims on their personal websites and social media pages without checking the authenticity of the story. Those individuals SHOULD be sued and I hope Mr. Liotta wins, but to tar the entire company with the same brush is simply unfair.

    • drjohn says:

      Agree that will probably be their defense. But insiders here suggest that brand partners are not discouraged (in fact encouraged) to do whatever it takes. Do you really think that management at NI is so disengaged/clueless that testimonial from an international celebrity of his stature would go unnoticed? I sincerely doubt it. They exploit everything that comes their way.

      • John says:

        drjohn…FINALLY an island of sanity in this ocean of hyperbole. I know for a fact that Nerium Brand Partners are not encouraged to act unethically, in fact, quite the opposite is true. However, it is difficult to control what every person at every level tells those in their down-line (but that is something of a different issue). Yes, I do wish Nerium had stopped these individuals early and by whatever means necessary…it never made sense to me that they didn’t. One the other hand, I wish Ray Liotta would have picked up the phone and voiced his displeasure to Nerium’s CEO Jeff Olson. Jeff is a good and ethical man and I’ll bet Ray would have received complete satisfaction…if not all this attention.

    • drgeorge says:

      John, here’s a question for you:
      Who do you think singled out Mr.Liotta as a celebrity Nerium AD “endorser”, invested time and/or money to have his face extensively photoshopped, and then inserted Mr. Liotta’s “before and after” pictures into a blogsite or shipped it off for other to do so? Very few people know how to do that because of the sophistication and experience with digital photo manipulation required.

      These photos weren’t just “out there” and someone decided to take the liberty of using them. My opinion is there is a prime mover behind this intentional calculated subterfuge upon the buying public. The lawyers should be able to sort this out during discovery. I suspect beads of sweat are already on the brows of the culprit(s).

      • John says:


        If you search for “Nerium” + “Awards and Celebs” you will find a link to Nerium’s Awards and Celebs” page…THAT page will give you some idea how Nerium shares anything having to do with celebrates in connection to the product.

        It is simply incomprehensible that Nerium’s executive leadership would single out a well-known person like Ray Liotta and only Ray Liotta then embark on an underhanded and poorly crafted campaign to fool the public into believing that he is a satisfied customer when he is not.

        Certainly I don’t blame Mr. Liotta for being upset that some individuals took it upon themselves to capitalize on his celebrity without gaining his permission or paying compensation, but the fact is Nerium International did not initiate that fraud.

        Nerium earned one-hundred-million dollars in its first year of business (that’s 15 times that earned in the first year for Victoria’s Secret, Apple, Google and Micro-Soft combined). In two years Nerium earned over two-hundred-fifty-million dollar. Nerium simply does not need to do business that way.

        • drjohn says:

          Spoken like a lawyer trying to get his client off on a technicality. You call out Nerium Brand Partners and distinguish them from Nerium International. But given the MLM model, that universe of brand partners IS Nerium It’s the sales force. You cannot just extol their virtues as “OUR NERIUM FAMILY” one day, and disown them the next because they caused you trouble. If you are the parent you may need to discipline them, but don’t pretend you aren’t responsible. People in our culture hate that. They are your kids, you brought them up, you taught them, and they are still under your tutelage. They do wrong – you don’t go hide behind the lawyers skirts. You own up to it. Confess your sins, don’t try to bury them. Pay Mr. Liotta back for what was stolen from him. And while you are at it, answer the challenges openly declared in the court documents in Liotta v. Nerium. These include Liotta’s claims that: 1. Nerium is a pyramid scheme (para. 31); 2. Nerium “real results” are fabricated (para. 43); , 3. that there are no valid studies of Nerium ADS efficacy (para. 44); 4. before & after photos are fabricated to “fraudulently induce” consumers (para. 45), and so on. We do agree that Nerium doesn’t have to do business the way they do. They could dump the MLM and sell their product through normal distribution channels, without so-often broken promises of riches. Why do you suppose they don’t?

  4. Terri Pastorelli says:

    Nerium International must provide the photos & verbiage to the Brand Partners — there’s no other explanation for each of the Brand Partner websites & Facebook entries having the same pictures and having identical text. NI will try to place blame on the individual Brand Partners but I sure hope the BP’s will stand up for themselves and start to question the validity of a company that obviously photoshops their before & after pictures.

    • I'mNotRay says:

      That picture is not Ray Liotta. It would take all of 2 minutes on Google to establish that. Whoever bought that line didn’t do their homework, and whoever was selling it should be held to account. I have full faith in the fact that it wasn’t NI.

      FACT CHECK: Ray Liotta’s eyes are blue, not hazel. So there’s that … oh and different chin line, etc. etc. http://us.cdn001.fansshare.com/photos/rayliotta/ray-liotta-gossip-862118648.jpg

      People who use the product are sharing of photos reflecting their own use every day. That adds up to several thousand camera phone pictures being circulated. Daily Nerium International is very clear about any misrepresentations regarding the use of it’s product and the compliance department folks communicate that on several fronts every week.

      This started with one knucklehead rep and was unfortunately spread by others. Lesson learned.

      • drjohn says:

        They used his name, not just the image. And if you think about it, knucklehead products demand knucklehead reps. Or is that vice-versa? Anyway, marriage made in knuckle heaven. So, expect more of same to come.

  5. Noyb says:

    Firstly, that’s not Ray Liotta. Secondly, there is nothing on the Nerium website that ever stated Liotta used it. Someone dumb used that photo and said it was him and it must have spread like wildfire. My mom has acne scarring and she actually had results like this. She looks great. She uses Nerium and I’ve seen results from it. When are you guys going to get sued for libel?

    • drjohn says:

      First, Ray Liotta says it’s him. I think he would know. Second, there were claims all over Neriumdom that Ray Liotta had used Nerium AD, got these results, show the pictures. Ray says no, he never used it. I think I will Believe Ray, not you, on this one. Third, you can only get sued for libel if you say something that is not true.

  6. Mark La Voy says:

    If you would like to try Nerium Thevetia Extract without the hassle and lies of a MLM scam . come on over to (web link deleted for reasons of public safety) . real product real results .

    • drjohn says:

      So, let’s keep the poison and dump the MLM. Great product idea. Oh, and we will even borrow phrases like “real product real results”. And with a web address that looks quite similar to you know who’s. And then we will get barefacedtruth to advertise it for us. Think again! Or for once in your life. Shame on you Mark. A stupid ripoff of a troubled product with weak science to begin with. Yeah, we love that kind of crapolla. If Nerium wants to sue these guys for trademark infringement under the Lanham act, I wouldn’t blame them.

  7. Terri Pastorelli says:

    Based on their comments I’m guessing that John, I’mNotRay and Noyb are Nerium Brand Partners or work for Nerium in some capacity. I used the product for 5 or 6 months & I can attest to the fact that it doesn’t work. Nerium is less about the product than it is about convincing more & more people to bring in more & more people, attend conventions, buy books, buy cds & dvds and take the blame yourself if you aren’t successful. It’s become cult-like and I truly hope Ray Liotta wins this suit. Sadly, the company won’t suffer nearly as much as the Brand Partners who have invested their time & money in pushing this snake oil. Even if Nerium quietly shuts down Jeff Olson will move on to some other MLMS like he did after complaints started rolling in on his last venture – Pre-Paid Legal.

    • drjohn says:

      Do you suppose he pre-paid for this legal excursion? If he had only asked a true scientist before picking this racehorse, he could have had a better ride this time around the MLM block. Then again, this could be all karma related.

    • Dusten Rhodes says:

      Jeff Olson and the others at the top are not skin care people, they are MLM people. One day selling time shares in Florida, the next legal services the next day whatever. They can do the same thing with any product, although I doubt there is much appeal for a secretly discovered revolutionary product that leaves your old cracked and tired looking floors look like new! How people look and looking better is the gottcha. Its something near and dear to almost everyone. Any product that is new and kinda exotic that makes you look thinner, younger, feel better, smarter or richer will fill the bill. All you need is anything, anything that in a 4 hour presentation you can talk for 5 minutes about how great it is. Then the other 3:55 you can talk about how people who were total losers, college dropouts getting their cars repossessed, kicked out of their apartment or unable to eat are now millionaires. As long as they can stand up in front and say “if I can do it, you can”, and then sign up a whole slew of people to buy a worthless, over priced product. But here’s the key, THEY DON’T CARE how over priced or worthless it is, they want to be a millionaire just like the presenter (who most that I,ve seen look like used car salesmen). The ones that do well will have the ability to say convincingly what most humans love to do…talk about what they have and how great they are. That is the biggest requisite needed, to go around, throw wine and cheese parties and tell people how great and rich you are, driving a free luxury automobile and they can do it too, fast, in just a few months…just sign up, very easy, join the family, we will all help you, teach you how to do it…oh don’t worry about the over priced, worthless product, you’ll get it for free! WHAT A DEAL…who could pass that up? Especially if they too are about to get kicked out on the street, or lost their job and/or car with nothing really to offer. So in closing, by the time all the salaries for the top earners with fancy titles, bonuses, payments for cars, trips, free product and other costs are taken out, you got Jeffy and his inner circle at the top, getting rich from each and every bottle of over priced product that no one wants, talks much about or even tries to sell……hmmmmmmm….WHAT A DEAL!!!!!

  8. Terri Pastorelli says:

    Sooner or later karma catches up with everyone. In this case I hope it’s sooner. I’m glad I found your site drjohn & drgeorge. It’s one of the few that attempted to obtain legitimate information from Nerium and kept on their case for their misleading practices. Kudos to you both.

  9. DL says:

    LMAOROF!!!!! It goes to show you can’t believe everything you read or see on the internet.
    Although some of the comments on here are funny. It only prove that people are ignorant to, believe that a face cream is the fountain of youth just because a celebrity endorses it.
    REMEBER! Just because a celebrity endorses a product dose not mean it actually works,.
    The celebrities that endorsing the products are being paid too!!!!!

  10. Plasticdoc says:

    This is a perfect example of the altered photographs that Nerium and its Brand Partners use. The obviously doctored photos are so over-the-top that they defy belief. Classic camera tricks like manipulation of lighting, exposure and positioning are obvious. Photoshop is not too hard to use either and my 12 year-old daughter could do almost as well as what I’ve seen from Nerium Brand Partner ads and social media posts.

  11. Tim says:

    This comment, submitted by Tim, is edited (to remove defamatory content and invasions of privacy) and annotated (the bold type is our reply). We rarely do this, but couldn’t resist in this case.

    Terri, did you realize that Dr. John and Dr. George have their own “axe to grind” on this site and in their comments.
    Here we go again. Because we are scientists who work on products we cannot have an honest opinion without it being commercially motivated.
    This is a common Nerium tactic, you will see it elsewhere on BFT. “Kill the messenger”. They can not answer our questions, so they try questioning our motives.

    They sell a skin product on xxxx and xxxx And Dr. John xxxx was a co-defendant in a suit from xxxxx
    Let’s see, a contract dispute, 17 years ago, which he won completely and decisively in summary judgment. It doesn’t matter how irrelevant, they want you to believe it means something insidious. Personal slur by innuendo.

    So, he without sin cast the first stone, as was said over 2000 years ago.
    What was the sin again? Being a skin care scientist who invents things? Winning contract disputes?

    And when someone has their own stuff they are hawking, they will pile on anything that will take down a competitor.
    Has anyone ever contemplated the cost of the business strategy Tim irrationally suggests? At last count there were tens of thousands of skin care products. We could spent billions on this approach. Nerium a Competitor? I don’t think so. We do stem cell science, not poison bush formulation. We like our real competitors, who are generally an honorable bunch.

    When that is THEIR motivation, I really don’t listen to THEIR words because they have an ulterior motive.
    Ask us, and look around. Read “pair-o-docs. Our motivation is an industry rife with hype and sometimes downright fraud.

    As to the issue with Liotta, I have no idea what’s going on there, but in the Industry, any news is good news including bad news, so even if Ray Liotta is completely off-base his name is plastered all over the news and if he’s got a movie coming out, more people are going to see it.
    So he should be thankful for all Nerium has done for him.

    I personally wouldn’t trust Dr. John or Dr. George unless they were giving me their opinion on the best grocery store to shop at since I don’t think they own one, lol.
    Oh, you must mean “Arsenic Stop & Shop”. It’s our convenience store for those seeking substances known to cause massive oxidative stress. Come visit AS&S!

  12. Terri Pastorelli says:

    Well Tim, since you were addressing my comments let me respond. I found this site after (1) trying the product myself for several months with no positive results, (2) attempting to find research — actual research not pretend stuff from Nerium, (3) reading comments from dissatisfied customers on Amazon because any other attempts to find comments always led to Brand Partners touting this wonder product. In fact, many of the negative comments on Amazon were from former Brand Partners who were trying to get rid of their stock. I honestly don’t care whether the docs have a product of their own to sell. Nowhere in their articles did I read — Nerium bad — buy our product — so much better for you. Their attempts at obtaining valid research from Nerium matched mine. People writing to them (non-Nerium Brand Partners) described the results I personally had with Nerium. I find their site to be informative & impartial but since you are probably connected with Nerium in some capacity I completely understand that your perception would differ from mine. I’ve also found that Nerium & it’s Brand Partners become very accusatory when anyone tries to have a rational discourse with them so I’m not surprised at your reaction. As far as Mr. Liotta, he has had a very successful career for a very long time & doesn’t need Nerium to get publicity so don’t try to put a positive spin on it. Dr’s John & George, I enjoyed your comments.

  13. Lorie says:

    I often come and check out this website (simply because Nerium irritates the HELL out of me) and just wanted to add that Better Business Bureau has taken their rating down (usually BBB rates them at an F) because Nerium is attempting to clean up their act with unsatisfied customer complaints with BBB. I find it very interesting that all of a sudden they seem to care what BBB thinks of them? I suspect it may have something to do with the law suit with Ray Liotta? I hope Ray sticks to his guns and goes after these idiots!

    • Coco says:

      I feel your pain! These products are garbage…I hope someone do something about it, I can wait….and maybe I can get all my money back.

  14. Blanca says:

    I was a brand partner, and I really wanted to become an NMD and make 10,000 a month.
    This last convention I was upset. For 2 years I have followed Nerium and believed that the reason we were going to be so successful is because we own the seed to the bottle for Nerium AD. It was our patented blend that makes us so unique no one can get results because of our
    ingredients. Well, Jeff Olson wants to go GLOBAL, ok well apparently there are all these stupid countries out there that will not allow Nerium Ad in it for MLM sales, so super Jeff went back to the drawing board and they created another revolutionary one of a kind special nothing out there does what this does (except for Nerium AD” He actually said “lighting strikes 2 twice” BS
    looking around and People are buying into this crap. I’m sorry, I was physically sick, you have to be joking. It’s called Optimera! He said they paid 40,000 for the name… wtf
    seriously? I am so so confused. but guess what the big plan is, ONLY other countries get Optimera, the US we get nerium AD and some thigh cream now that is a MAJOR disappointment! Don’t quit your day jobs, or buy into that lexus Debt junk, run, run fast and never go to a real results party or you will be out a thousand dollars, and have long term damage to your skin from daily inflammation that this product causes! I am already seeing it. So disappointed. I really do not have words, I should have listened to my cousin and now I have to face the truth! The barefaced truth. Nerium is a lie, and scam and a manipulation of rah rah positive cult bs

  15. Jeanne says:

    I am really taking these “anit-Nerium” websites seriously. I have two friends that have quit their jobs and quit looking because they are now selling Nerium. Once I was laid off from my job they tried to get me into selling this product. I tried it, didn’t see a difference and really was dragging my feet on joining. Then they both had me meet with them and the gal that was a tier above them. The entire time all I could think was Amway. Long story short, after also talking to numerous friends and family that I trust about spending the minimum $500 investment, I luckily decided to NOT sell this product. Since I am unable to just let it go that this may be a scam due to my friends being involved I have been searching the internet daily to try and find ANYTHING that says the opposite of what the Nerium side has been saying. It is damn near IMPOSSIBLE to find anything. Do you have any other websites I can send to my friends and try to get them out of this cult before it is to late?!?

    • drjohn says:

      Nerium successfully manipulates the internet to suppress or expunge unfavorable publicity. A propaganda machine for the digital age. Try googling “nerium scam” For the most part you will get a bunch of sites using the phrase liberally to attract search engines, but their only message is… this not really a scam, I look ed hard and I say so, so buy this from me and get under me on the pyramid. Or try making a negative point on a Nerium controlled website. Gone in minutes.

    • PublicHealth Guru says:

      Jeanne: Yeah I love how these are the same people ripping on the pharmaceutical companies that all their products are poisonous etc. etc.. At least they have clinical studies that prove their products work, sure there are very bad decision made by some of these companies, but some of the products help keep people alive. I have a friend now selling this and she posts Facebook pictures of herself daily and what really pisses me off she is photo shopping them. I mean if people can’t tell that this is just more of the same old BS repackaged they deserve the cat piss they are selling. Produce a product, do clinical studies and if you have enough evidence than use it to support your claims! Hey I heard a can of acid will remove a wart do you want to buy some! ;)

  16. Nalani says:

    @Jeanne: I find it funny that even though “it is damn near IMPOSSIBLE to find anything” negative on Nerium besides this one screw up by a brand partner, you still find the need to “convince” your friends they’re involved with a cult.


    Don’t u think there would be way more reports on scams, etc on Nerium if it was a fraudulent company?


    If all u can find on them is the awards they’ve won, records they’re breaking and lives they’re changing, maybe your 2 friends are onto something good and u should…


  17. Coco says:

    It’s very sad how some people let money drive their lives. I invested 1,000 dollars in this crap! Still can’t believe I did this. The fist 3 weeks I used this product I was really happy, I was absolutely loving my skin to the point I didn’t have to use any makeup to cover my dark sun spots. But, suddenly my face was swelling and getting deformed, I developed open blisters, lumps and a bad rash. Omg! I couldn’t believe it. I cried…there is more, luckily I didn’t start giving away yet all my free trial to my customers yet, so I called Nerium AD team and asked how to return these samples A.S.A.P This company made me paid to return the products, they will charge me a 10% re-stocking fee and charge me for the material inside because I open the package? WTF My skin still very sensitive, pls stay miles away from this stuff. I went to see a Doctor because I was very concern and for documentation just in case. Someone needs to stop this company from operating in this dangerous manner.

  18. S.R. says:

    I am in tears…reading all the comments. I don’t even know how I came a cross all these comments. I was looking up vitamin C. I became a brand partner. So if I try to return all the videos and magazines I got in my kit , I will not get my money back and on top of that I pay for a restocking fee. ? Does anyone have an attorney yet to fight back? I’m seriously sick to my stomach.

  19. Susi C says:

    My sister in law was talking about Optimera, a new face cream that does wonders. Yeah….right. I googled the name, found this website, and i am so grateful My hunch was right. Thank you for the info, especially in the comments.

  20. Rich says:

    You keep talking about poison….so I assume you complain about Botox as well. And call yourself a doctor but obviously have never heard of off label use. So I guess you work for Rodan and Fields or something?

    • drjohn says:

      What the heck does off label use have to do with any of this? There are supposedly no medical claims for Nerium (which would make it a drug, as Botox)- and without claims there can be no off label (nor on label for that matter).

      If we call ourselves doctors, it’s because we are.
      If we call Nerium oleander a well known poison, it’s because it is.
      If we were to conclude you are a pretentious person (i.e. one claiming expert knowledge about something they obviously know nothing about), a person lacking in discernment (who elevates myth over science), and one who is willing to crap on the truth if it profits them, it would be because ….

  21. Black Sheep says:

    My family has swallowed the koolaid. They love nerium and have lexus (lexi?) in the garage. Those close to my age do not look any different from me.

    Want to stop these guys – in the regulatory world the squeaky wheel get the grease. File complaints: Texas Attorney General (https://www.texasattorneygeneral.gov/consumer/complain.shtml) You can also send a public info request to the Texas Attorney General and they will send you copies of all the complaints they have – interesting reading.

  22. Reneer says:

    Ray is 100% correct. My sister sells Nerium and so many of the before and after’s she posts on her Facebook page have been fakes.
    For example, a recent before and after of a man showed a clear nose job in the after photo. the before showed a middle aged man with a bulbous nose carrying extra flesh on the tip. This is normal for many many aging men.
    The photos claim they are 6-weeks apart. I’m sorry but I’m getting really sick of Nerium claiming what couldn’t possibly happen with a topical cream. Other photos show terrible aging in some people with the after picture clearly after use of Jevederm and a facelift. Putting stupid cream on your face cannot do all that. And yes. It’s a pyramid scheme. Ray WILL win the lawsuit and he’s got a case beyond the normal. They used his likeness and photos without permission. Seriously?
    How did they think they’d get away with that?
    I’ve had to un-follow my sister on Facebook because of the daily numerous before and afters she posts. I wish she’d keep personal and business separate.
    Go get them Ray! It’s a scam and it cannot do what it claims to!

  23. CAL says:

    I went to my first Nerium presentation. In the approximately 2 hours of the presentation, maybe 2 sentences were about the actual product. The remainder of the presentation was about becoming a partner, earning rewards of iPads, a Lexus, financial bonuses. The “mentor” continually stressed wealth and financial success with minimal effort. There were about 15 people present…not one single person signed up. I went home and researched the product…not one single published, peer reviewed paper on its safety or efficacy. Clearly, this is MLM at its worst.

  24. GSause says:

    I am a licensed esthetician, have been since 1999. I do not claim to know everything. But, I have been “around the skin care block” several times. I have used several top skin care lines, both in spas and in my private practice. There are certain ingredients that are proven to help battle skin aging, correct pigmentation problems and control acne. I tried Nerium for 30 days, a client gave me a bottle, and I said “sure Ill try anything”. However, I did not get “amazing” results. I did not even get “marginal” results” why? well, there are no ingredients in the night cream that would offer results. Of course a brand partner (who has 0 skin care knowledge) will say “well, the oleander extract, just goes in, and fixes everything”.. ummmmm ok…LMFAO…

    people don’t understand that lines like PCA or Rhonda Allison which were founded by leading estheticians, and made by real chemists. are really the serious skin care with real results. This is because they use ingredients that are synergistic that “work together”, some vitamins (or antioxidants) are more potent if the correct mixture is made, and the correct Left or Right hand chain of the molecule is used…. there are also spin trap factors, etc..

    I prefer PCA because it is a user friendly line, meaning that they do not have a 1000 different moisturizers, masks, etc…

    of course… and this still blows my mind.. that people dont know this.. there is a difference between a wrinkly caused by the sun, or smoking, and a wrinkle that is caused by a muscle.. ONLY BOTOX will get rid of a wrinkle that is caused by a muscle.. no cream, no laser, nothing except botox.. sorry everyone.. its true.. ive tried 1000s of creams.. also frown lines usually need filler.. etc etc..

    keep in mind that you can only do so much to the skin topically. if you drink every night, smoke, eat junk food etc.. you will age ..

    however all this being said.. sunblock is still the number one anti-aging treatment.. bottom line. end of subject..

    smoking will age you faster than anything..

    so keep hydrated, exercise, eat well, get enough rest, keep your spirits up, cut down on the sugar etc etc…

    there is no quick fix, there is no magic pill or cream or wonder drug that will make you look 20 if your 40.. lets get real here.. use common sense.. yes it would be nice if something out there existed like that.. but it doesn’t.. even lasers can be harmful if in the wrong hands.. remember there are expensive lasers that need to be sold as well.. so be careful out there.. use your head.. get a 2nd 3rd opinion if you are going to do something expensive and serious.. get referrals.. dont just go with a groupon.. its your face.. you only have one.. you dont want to end up with PILLOW FACE like so many women i see here in L.A.. its gross..

    keep a natural look.. you dont want to look emotionless or excited all the time.. that is just bad work…

    come on peeps we are smarter than this..

    if nerium is growing.. it is because of greed and stupidity.. and some laziness..

  25. drjohn says:

    NEWS FLASH. See update to the Liotta v. Nerium story.

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