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Your truth pair o’ docs : absence makes the heart grow fonder? We hope so…

UPDATE:  we are back from our travels and have all sorts of news & happenings to share.

First, on the TRUTH mission front, we need to report that DrJohn has upset more people.  There he goes again! Seems to be a habit.  Remember back to one of our very first posts here at BFT: “Dr. John banned at”(now in the archives).  He has since been reinstated there. But now he has been banned at …”You have been banned from this forum.” Not sure how he upset them, but his last comment there back in March was “Dr. Setterfield agrees with me – inflammation phase should be as short as possible. Prolonged inflammation only adds to the problem.”  Benign on the surface, but upset someone in charge.  We have our suspicions, of course.  We shall ask around for the rest the story.  Meanwhile we will blame our own DrLance as perhaps mention of his name is enough to invoke guilt by association. As good a starting hypothesis as any.

Speaking of DrLance (we decided to use our usual BFT naming convention for his involvement here, but he is known as Doc Setterfield elsewhere), we have been enjoying some superb collaborations in the realm of microneedling, cytokines, growth factors, and aesthetic outcomes.  We will be doing some microneedling focused education here to whet your appetite, but the really good stuff at the professional level happens in his book and online course.  We are working on a multi-lecture joint presentation for the AECSC in Las Vegas in June, where DrLance will also be giving a master workshop in microneedling techniques for professionals. We will keep you posted.

Your pair o’docs actually pleased the crowds at the Plastic Surgery meetings in San Francisco last week with the talk Of Vampires, Werewolves, and Mythically Magical Outcomes:  Are Cytokines a “Silver Bullet” for Modern Aesthetic Surgery?  A packed lecture hall with no fruit or vegetables tossed at the stage.  The professional world world is suddenly hungering for more knowledge in the realm of stem cells, cytokines & growth factors in aesthetic medicine.   DrLance was with us  as to add moral support.  But he is on the thin side, and what we really need is a 350 pound linebacker as we cruise the aisles of these shows and try to talk science to purveyors of nonsense like plant stem cells.  Last thing they want to hear is science spoken– at a scientific meeting of dermatologists or plastic surgeons. We have induced a few cases of apoplexy. Well, at least they organizers don’t let Nerium and their ilk participate in professional shows.  They don’t want the taint.

All these professional meetings and presentations to august bodies means that we are no longer viewed merely as firebrands, whistleblowers, and troublemakers.  Of course we still are, but we also now have gained status as “innovators”.  Don’t worry, it won’t swell our heads. We know it is fleeting, and tomorrow we will be banned from more forums and have more skin care industry stalwarts spitting blood and sending attack dogs.

Out BFT mission is still first in our hearts.  We haven’t forgotten.

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DrJohn & DrGeorge want to apologize to our regular avid readers for our negligence in keeping up with our midnight blogger duties here at BFT. We have been busy (we know, old excuse) with all sorts of things. Turns out the less time we spend here, the more people come to read the blog.  How humbling for us! We are up to ~40,000 visitors a month now.  If we stayed away longer … hmmm … makes you wonder. Perhaps it is true?  Absence makes the heart grow fonder?  Just goes to show – it’s not about us.  It’s about the wild and whacky (sometimes wonderful) world of aesthetic medicine.

Which reminds of the variant on that phrase –  absinthe makes the fart grow stronger.  Nerium could use the latter as an explanation of why poisons are good for you. Relieves gas?

Just as a preview of coming attractions – we are headed to San Francisco  for the  Society of Plastic Surgical Skin Care Specialists this weekend and then The Aesthetic Meeting 2014 after that. We are delivering a research presentation: Of Vampires, Werewolves, and Mythically Magical Outcomes:  Are Cytokines a “Silver Bullet” for Modern Aesthetic Surgery? It is always fun to mix it up with our colleagues in science and clinical medicine & surgery.

Sometime soon after we get back we will prepare a summary of some of our current work to post here.  We continue to discover and ponder all sorts of fascinating things about the mesenchymal stem cell system, growth factors, cytokines, and the interplay between procedures  (cosmetic surgery, lasers, microneedling, etc), signaling biochemicals, and aesthetic outcomes.

Which reminds me to tell you that we have been collaborating with Lance Setterfield, M.D. , a world authority in all aspects of microneedling (DrLance authored this book), and he has promised to make a guest appearance here upon our return. We have had a few questions from readers about microneedling, and we thought this would be a perfect opportunity to introduce him to you as we dig more deeply into this topic which overlaps with our own stem cell work.

While you are at it, please visit Stem Cell Skin Care Reviews to learn more about the product side of all this.

Stay tuned – more to come!


  1. Lorie says:

    I just have to ask….what do you think of the new “Contour cream” that SUPPOSEDLY gets rid of sagging skin in a matter of days? You know I am talking about Nerium, I read everything you have on these MLM creeps. I laughed when I saw the “photo” of a women’s stomach where supposedly in a mere 4 days her skin is perfectly tight and NO skin sagging. I personally believe this is photo shopped or plastic surgery was involved. There is no way in heck I believe these photos. Thanks for coming back!!!

    • drjohn says:

      Lorie, I don’t know what to say. I’m awestruck at the audacity. Nerium Firm. They claim that the magic ingredient NAE-8 (containing nerium oleander, a known highly potent cellular toxin) now has been discovered to tighten skin and remove cellulite. First they defy all known physiology and biochemistry (massively oxidizing substances good for your skin). Now they defy all known physics and anatomy (cancer chemo cell killing agent that failed to pass FDA muster is now a good toner? Maybe they mean scar formation and contraction). I don’t know why don’t they just claim they have figured out an anti-gravity machine. Slightly more believable science. Perhaps when they said lightning struck again (their oleander-free Optima excuse) they were being literal. A good 1 billion volts might just cause a contracted wound sure to tighten up that neck or thigh. For that sexy, slightly charbroiled look.

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