Brazilian is not just good BBQ! IECSC Day 2. |

Brazilian is not just good BBQ! IECSC Day 2.

International Esthetician Cosmetics and Spa Conference. Day 2.

Good day. While we had been told that estheticians don’t know science and have no interested in science, today that theory was once again disproven. But, there are still product purveyors who refuse to regard science wiith any respect. They flaunt their plant stem cells, and other equally specious nostrums and when we confront them on the phonied up science, they do everything short of spit on our faces. No Truth Matters buttons for those bad boys.

Now I thought this was a sedate group, then I went up the escalator and found the salon portion. It was a carnival! Haircutting contests (amazing stagecraft, really entertaining, you have to see to believe). Wild & crazy. DrJohn now knows what a brazilian is, having innocently stumbled into one being demonstrated. Well, it is Vegas. I guess there is a world beyond stem cells.




  1. Craig says:

    I have learned in the past year that esthetician’s knowledge and interest in science varies wildly. Some just have some very weird and wooly ideas that don’t jibe with anything known or even in the realm of acceptable speculation, others are extremely knowledgable and more analytical. What I have learned when it comes to the Brazilians, they are love to have fun and are an enthusiastic crowd!

    • drjohn says:

      Craig, I do hope that last comment is tongue-in-cheek, given that we were talking about encountering the procedure, not citizens of the country. A wink would have sufficed. I guess a chuckle is deserved either way.

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