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Slather on your vegetables, they’re good for you …botanicals in skin care.

It’s organic! It’s natural! It’s green!  What is it? Snot, when you have a bad cold.   Sorry for such a disturbing illustration here, but I wanted to point out […]

The Matrix Reloaded – Elastin

Sagging skin.  What could be more a more pathognomonic sign of aging?  What causes skin to sag, or not? How come I used to be able to stretch my skin and […]

Enter The Matrix. Collagen

We hope we don’t lose you with our references to last decade’s sci-fi, but we just couldn’t resist. The quotes are just too juicy, and altogether relevant to the BFT […]

Aristotle and Christie Brinkley: Thought twins?

Aristotle and Christie Brinkley have something in common. No, not their noses, although there is perhaps a slight  familial resemblance. No, it’s something intellectual, and something so profound and fundamental […]

Menopause, Aging Skin, and “What’s a Girl to Do?”

Because the skin is our “visible” part, it gets more than its share of notice as we age, from others and from ourselves. What many may not realize is that, […]

Out, damned spot! Out, I say!

Macbeth, Act 5, Scene 1.  Lentigo monologue.  In truth, Lady Macbeth had it fairly easy. A little soap and water and her spot would theoretically be gone. The spot on […]

Sunscreens 101. The basics.

Photoaging is the long-term consequence of sun exposure. While not threatening to life, it does reduce quality of life. Repeated unprotected exposure to UV light leads to premature wrinkling, sagging, […]

BFF: Vitamin A and your skin

Okay, the Bugs Bunny part is a stretch, but not the relationship between carrots and skin care. And it has nothing to do with the ancient “root” word for carrot, […]

Perfection on sale. But how do you "measure up"?

The smiling, classy faces, the slim bodies, the poreless, glossy, smooth and clean skin, perfect in every way and of course wrinkle free, beam at us every day. They appear […]

A brief history of cosmetics 2: Dark Ages to mid-20th century

We continue our multi-part series on the history of cosmetics with this view of the dark ages through the mid-20th century. “A woman without paint is like food without salt.”    […]

A brief history of skin care & cosmetics. Part 1: Ancient times

Skin Care & Cosmetics: Then, Now, and in the Future. This BFT series will start at the beginning and explore the ancient world first. Subsequent postings with discuss more current times […]

Tanning beds & death beds. Tell me the difference again …

BFT readers are well aware of the relationship between sun exposure and skin damage. UVA and UVB exposure from the sun accounts for 80% or more of skin aging and […]

Skin & Human Stem Cells : An Introduction

We have a lot of knowledge to share with you about stem cells and their value in skin care.  We thought we would start with a current review of ongoing […]

Botanical Stem Cells in Skin Care

First it was stem cells from rare apples touted as a revolution in anti-aging skin care.  Then every other plant (seller) decided to get into the game. So is it […]