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What were they thinking? This makes no sense at all.

A primer on combined Fibroblast and Adipose Stem Cell Conditioned Media as a skincare ingredient. Quick question for our BFT readers, especially those who have been keeping up with our […]

Inflamm’aging: a Unifying Theory of Life, Death, Aging, and Beauty

Inflammation (Latin, īnflammō, “I ignite, set alight”) is part of the complex biological response within tissues to harmful things, such as infectious agents (bacteria, viruses, etc), damaged cells, or irritants […]

Your PIH Post Got Me Thinking

The author of this post, Lina Jacobson, is a licensed esthetician from Boise, Idaho who has operated her own salon for more than 18 years. Because she is a kindred […]

Cytokine Cocktails & Stem Cell Factories (Part 3 of a Series)

In this series, we are focusing on the role cytokines play in skin healing and regeneration. In part 2 we began compiling  a compendium of key cytokines, and examined them […]

Cytokines in Healing and Rejuvenation (Part 2 of a Series)

Cytokines are small “signaling” proteins with molecular weights ranging from 8 to 40,000 daltons.  Nearly all nucleated cells are capable of synthesizing these proteins and, in turn, responding to them. […]

Cytokines in Dermal Regenerative Medicine (Part 1 of a Series)

Research into cytokines, and their roles in health and disease, is booming.  This is true across the spectrum of organ systems, including our favorite – skin.  Our work with stem […]

Enter The Matrix. Collagen

We hope we don’t lose you with our references to last decade’s sci-fi, but we just couldn’t resist. The quotes are just too juicy, and altogether relevant to the BFT […]

Why wrinkle cream research might lead to better treatments for heart attacks

AND VICE VERSA. As many of our readers know, DrGeorge and I work in the field of regenerative medicine focusing on stem cell biology. Our work in dermatology arose from […]

Lifeline: Reviewed and Sold Short. (An anti-aging approach to avoiding penny stock ruin) UPDATED & REVISED

You are thinking “I thought this was a skin care science site; why are you telling me about financials of penny stocks when I want to hear about wrinkle creams?” […]

Truth matters. Cytokines Line by NaturaBisse contains none.

Cytokines are the molecules that cells use to communicate with one another. They have a number of critical functions in maintaining health, and undoing damage, in skin and throughout the […]

Renovage induces heat shock proteins, not telomerase. This is not DNA repair. This is bogus.

This is the first of a series of posts dealing with so-called “DNA serum”. One of our favorite product review (selling) sites is currently  recommending a product  (Osmotics Renovage Cellular […]

Stem Cells and Skin Part 3: It's the Cytokines

As human stem cells and their role in skin physiology, wound repair, aging, and rejuvenation is the subject of our own work, we have a lot to say on the […]

Skin & Human Stem Cells : An Introduction

We have a lot of knowledge to share with you about stem cells and their value in skin care.  We thought we would start with a current review of ongoing […]

Botanical Stem Cells in Skin Care

First it was stem cells from rare apples touted as a revolution in anti-aging skin care.  Then every other plant (seller) decided to get into the game. So is it […]