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Cytokines in Healing and Rejuvenation (Part 2 of a Series)

Cytokines are small “signaling” proteins with molecular weights ranging from 8 to 40,000 daltons.  Nearly all nucleated cells are capable of synthesizing these proteins and, in turn, responding to them. […]

Cytokines in Dermal Regenerative Medicine (Part 1 of a Series)

Research into cytokines, and their roles in health and disease, is booming.  This is true across the spectrum of organ systems, including our favorite – skin.  Our work with stem […]

Guinness for Healthy Skin

We at BFT are fond of natural polyphenols as antioxidants and anti-inflammatories for skin. Hops used in beer production are a source of polyphenols such as xanthohumol (XN), and its […]

Let’s Talk Penetration

  PLOT SPOILER ALERT!  There is a “dirty little secret” in the skin care biz. I’m about to spill the beans. Click your back button if you have a weak […]

Truth Matters to Estheticians

Here we are at the International Esthetic Cosmetics & Spa Conference in Las Vegas. Something like 10,000 attendees. In between other duties, Dr. George and myself have been going around […]

The Matrix Reloaded – Elastin

Sagging skin.  What could be more a more pathognomonic sign of aging?  What causes skin to sag, or not? How come I used to be able to stretch my skin and […]

Skin care industry exposed. Shocking! (Yawn)

Prediction: we are about to tick off everyone. The skin care industry from component makers to formulators to product makers to retailers to blogger/sellers to consumers to regulators. Did I […]

Enter The Matrix. Collagen

We hope we don’t lose you with our references to last decade’s sci-fi, but we just couldn’t resist. The quotes are just too juicy, and altogether relevant to the BFT […]

Menopause, Aging Skin, and “What’s a Girl to Do?”

Because the skin is our “visible” part, it gets more than its share of notice as we age, from others and from ourselves. What many may not realize is that, […]

Drug Store in a Cell

Preview of Coming Attractions.  Dr George and I are taking on different topics this week.  I”ll give you a preview of his chosen topics shortly. As for me, I am […]

Out, damned spot! Out, I say!

Macbeth, Act 5, Scene 1.  Lentigo monologue.  In truth, Lady Macbeth had it fairly easy. A little soap and water and her spot would theoretically be gone. The spot on […]

Lifeline: Reviewed and Sold Short. (An anti-aging approach to avoiding penny stock ruin) UPDATED & REVISED

You are thinking “I thought this was a skin care science site; why are you telling me about financials of penny stocks when I want to hear about wrinkle creams?” […]

BFF: Vitamin A and your skin

Okay, the Bugs Bunny part is a stretch, but not the relationship between carrots and skin care. And it has nothing to do with the ancient “root” word for carrot, […]

3LAB WW Cream: Reviewed and Ridiculed! (as well it should be)

Our readers request, we respond with alacrity.  Here is an egregious example of what we have been talking about around here … the use of science buzz words to sell […]