| Physician-scientists examine the sometimes ugly truth behind beauty product claims


In March 2019, BFT introduced our readership to a remarkable class of intercellular signaling messengers called exosomes. These are extraordinarily small “packets” of potent bio-signaling molecules secreted by all types […]

Safety of Topical Human Biosignals in Skincare – Part 2 (Including information re: FDA regulatory notifications)

Two decades have passed since the first skincare product containing human cell-culture-derived biosignals was launched in 2001. TNS Recovery Complex by SkinMedica was the pioneer that established a new class […]

We’re Talking Red Deer, Not Red-Nosed Deer.

A reader recently asked about the cancer-causing potential of a skincare product she purchased from a company in Singapore (CALECIM). It contains laboratory culture-derived bio-signaling molecules derived from red deer […]

Scientific Misconduct in Medical Aesthetics Research (Part 2)

WARNING: Honesty in Scientific Publishing is Not Always a Given. Nearly everyone, professionals and lay readers alike, assumes there is predictable and reliable honesty in published scientific literature. If not, […]

Scientific Misconduct in Medical Aesthetics Research (Part 1)

Introduction As our loyal readers well know, BFT is no stranger to controversy. From our launch in 2011, the mission of has been to inform, educate, and entertain – […]

Still hiding from pigment issues? There’s a new deep-science approach.

Abnormality in pigment is one of the most common topics readers inquire about on BFT. Most frequently it has to do with hyperpigmentation that results from an inflammatory insult (PIH) […]

Safety of Topical Human Biosignals in Skincare – Part 1

Topical skincare products containing cell culture-derived and/or synthesized human growth factors and cytokines have been available to consumers for two decades. The first such product contained conditioned media derived from […]

“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

This old adage only applies when you know you are being fooled. If cleaver marketing with coined slogans and verbiage in involved, it is quite possible to be fooled over […]

EXOSOMES – very small, very mighty, very important.

Exosomes are a fascinating area of research in healthcare. Discovered 30 years ago and initially thought to be the means by which cells “eject” waste products and debris, they are […]

It’s alive. Our hair re-growth product is alive! (Hair-Part IV)

Please forgive us. Sometimes when we don our BFT host hats, it’s impossible to remain entirely dispassionate about our daytime work. Today is one of those days. We are enthused […]

OMG! My Sweet Tooth is Aging My Skin!

Quite often, questions come from our BFT readers that convince us we have an extraordinarily inquisitive and bright readership, something for which we are very grateful. It convinces us our […]

DNA Repair Enzymes: – Part II: Positive Benefits on Skin? Positively!

DNA damage and repair are complex topics with certain details necessary and unavoidable to cover the subject. The BFT audience is comprised of readers with sophisticated science backgrounds and others […]

DNA Repair Enzymes – Part I: The basics.

Recently, several BFT readers asked that we write about DNA repair enzymes, and their benefits when applied to the skin. To do that, we must first take a little trip. […]

Fire Facial?! Are you Serious? Yep. It’s true.

If it seems that men are clueless, count your BFT hosts among them. Setting one’s face on fire – on purpose, no less – makes little sense as a beauty […]