From theory to Glissandra – building a sincere debate in skin care


This post arose from e-mail conversations with a gentleman representing a skin care company with an MLM model who impressed us because he was civil, knowledgeable, and willing to debate […]

Phytoceramides: Newest Spam Box Hit from Martha and the Misogynists


Misogyny /mɪˈsɒdʒɪni/ is the hatred or dislike of women or girls. Misogyny can be manifested in numerous ways, including sexual discrimination, denigration of women, violence against women, and sexual objectification of women.Misogyny has been characterised as a prominent feature […]

The Flaccid Truth about NeriumFirm


OK, we admit it. When we first heard of a product named NeriumFirm (from the people who bring you Nerium AD) we thought they were getting into the erectile dysfunction market.  Another […]

Microneedling & EGF

EGF structure

Prompted by the question  (see below) posted by reader Holly as a comment to our post entitled Bioeffect EGF Controversy, we invited our highly respected colleague Dr. Lance Setterfield, guru of […]

Your truth pair o’ docs : absence makes the heart grow fonder? We hope so…

too busy

UPDATE:  we are back from our travels and have all sorts of news & happenings to share. First, on the TRUTH mission front, we need to report that DrJohn has […]

Goodfellas v. Worsefellas – Ray Liotta sues Nerium over fake before/after photos


Nerium International is being taken to court by Ray Liotta. Seems he is a tad upset about seeing his face plastered all over Nerium web sites with claims that the […]

L’dara review: Déjà fu all over again?


Déjà vu, (/ˌdeɪʒɑː ˈvuː/) from French, literally “already seen”, is the phenomenon of having the strong sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced has been experienced in the past, whether it […]

Inflamm’aging: a Unifying Theory of Life, Death, Aging, and Beauty


Inflammation (Latin, īnflammō, “I ignite, set alight”) is part of the complex biological response within tissues to harmful things, such as infectious agents (bacteria, viruses, etc), damaged cells, or irritants […]

Topical Nerium oleander: “OK” , or “Unsafe at any Concentration”?

Newrium oleander burn

We are going to continue to discuss here the issue of science-based selection of active ingredients for skin care products, both from a safety and efficacy point of view. This […]

Skinflamm’aging and Rusty Faces

tin man face

As iron oxidizes, the result is rust. As faces oxidize, the result is chronic inflammation leading to the appearance of aging.  But rather than getting soft and crumbly like rusty […]