Truth matters. Cytokines Line by NaturaBisse contains none. |

Truth matters. Cytokines Line by NaturaBisse contains none.

Cytokines are the molecules that cells use to communicate with one another. They have a number of critical functions in maintaining health, and undoing damage, in skin and throughout the body. So, let’s say you are a skin care company, and want to capitalize on this by naming a product line the “Cytokines Line”.  One might (naively) think that the first step would be to develop a product based on cytokines. But wait. Why bother? This is the skin trade. We can call it anything we want, because the suckers that buy our products are too stupid to know the difference.  And who is going to tell them the truth, anyway?

The actual active ingredients in Cytokines Line by NaturaBisse?  From their site:

      SGF Complex: oligopeptides developed through the bio-fermentation of brewer’s yeast for exceptional cell renewal.

      Natural Free Form Collagen and Elastin Amino Acids: provide elasticity, hydration and firmness.

The first ingredient is yeast fermentation by products. There is zero scientific evidence that yeast produces anything close to human cytokines or growth factors. Yeasts are single celled organisms; there are many species. They are good for brewing beer, true. They are also responsible for candida vaginitis (common “yeast infection” for women). I am guessing they are using the waste products of beer brewing.   I sure hope they are not using the other yeast.

The second ingredient is collagen and elastin amino acids. Want to know what that is? Hydrolyzed (dissolved, chewed up) protein from animals. More likely from cows or horses. This is the stuff of which “gelatin” is made, and why it is high in protein.

Then they make the claim that dissolved elastin fibers somehow make your skin more elastic. This statement defies all known physiology and anatomy. Weak scientists, or marketer’s lies? Either way, the truth has been shredded once again.

OK, so the active ingredients are beer fermentation by products and protein hydrolysates. May as well spend less, and just smear beer and Jello on your face.

I looked at a few other products from this company. All looks a bit suspicious, but I didn’t spend much time there. For those of you who think I have an ax to grind with this company, I do. But they are not alone. Tip of the iceberg. Every day I come across another example. It will be years before we catalog them all, and by then there will be more.

But, doesn’t the truth matter? Do you really want to buy products from companies that have such a low opinion of your intelligence? I saw a book today on the best seller list entitled “How to kill 11 million people”.  It is about truth, and lies. It makes the point that the holocaust was only possible because so many people were willing to believe Hitler’s  lies. Then it builds a strong case that truth, especially in the public square, matters.  As long as we are willing to go along with the lies, either of politicians or skin care marketers, we are giving them power over us. We are permitting them to use us.

So, in my humble opinion: truth matters. We will continue to look for egregious examples. Please share your thoughts and opinions with us and each other as well.


  1. Drgeorge says:

    Early on, when BFT was just beginning its mission of dispensing truth and exposing lies, a couple visitors to our blog opined that we had a huge mountain to climb, and the odds of successfully influencing consumer gullability were slim. We know from the quality of comments from our visitors that we are influencing some people, those who want to learn and be given facts, not marketing fiction,

    The despicable lies that purport to be “science” in an effort to separate unwary consumers from their money are shameful. We hope our readers will do their part to change this sad state of affairs by not buying these products and telling others not to do so as well. The market landscape in which Dr John and I are writing is in dire need of truth telling…and truth seeking.

    Be prudent consumers. Tell your friends to be prudent consumers. Tell your friends there are people who are trying to shed light into the shady corners of the cosmetics and skincare market. I don’t expect that demanding honesty from marketers will get anywhere but increasing the number of informed consumers can shrink their pool of susceptible “patsies”.

    We’re on your side. BFT can help, but not alone.

  2. bosslady says:

    Have you heard of the book All Marketers are Liars? I haven’t read it, but the title sticks because it rings true. I must say, I really am impressed with what you have accomplished here. Truly an amazing and unique site. You guys are like the Woodward and Bernstein of skin care. Keep it up!

    • drjohn says:

      Thanks, bosslady. . We are encouraged by readers like you. We wish we had more hours to spend.

      • Jina says:

        Hi drs, keep going because if your knowledge and products are at the cutting edge of skincare you will help many people globally save money and time.

  3. Drgeorge says:

    Jina, we sincerely hope to do just that. I’m really excited and wish I could say more about our own product development, but we are committed to keeping BFT free of commercial messages (even our own, and that is painfully hard). But I am able to say that our mission is to change the world.

  4. Angie says:

    I, for one, am truly grateful for this information. And it’s true: we in the public are prone to believe the claims of anyone with a good line backed by pretty hype and one sided claims. These vultures prey on our desperation (so many of us willing to try anything), our naïveté, our society induced insecurity, and last and most important, a lack of public opposition to their claims. 21st century snake oil salesman, they are. And we’re tossing them our money faster than a pervert to a stripper. Well, the harsh truth is we have asked to be screwed. These scam companies are more than willing to oblige.

  5. Drgeorge says:

    Angie, so well put. At times, we may be seeming to scream into the wilderness, but we know there are kindred souls out there listening. You are obviously one more of the many. I hope you will take time to read our postings on beauty and the advertising world and the heartless way in which normal, beautiful people are subliminally, and overtly, told the are not pretty enough, not thin enough, not this and not that in order to sell product. Disgusting is too mild a word.

    We are firm believers in commerce but we expect the value proposition to be somewhat in favor of the spending consumer. When guile, subterfuge, distortion, and outright lies are used to fleece the unwary, our blood boils.I hope our BFT message is getting out there. It’s a busy, noisy internet so messages have to resonate to spread. I hope our readers of like mindedness will join in that effort.

  6. Tricia White says:

    I am 57 and worked in cosmetics for 17 years. I have tried hundreds of expensive to cheap products. This product made a huge difference in my skin. People comment asking why my skin looks younger and this is the only thing I have added in 2 years.

    • drjohn says:

      You would think that if a company had a good product to sell that they would name it a bit more accurately. Why don’t you suggest that to them?

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