New Mission for BFT |

New Mission for BFT

We have decided to make some changes here at BFT.  While we will continue to unabashedly bash bad science and pseudoscience when we encounter it, we don’t want to become too distracted from our primary mission which is to explore new science in the field of skin care and anti-aging.  A change of emphasis more than a change in perspective.

We will still inject a healthy dose of skepticism when we come across claims of miracles  and other such mischief.

We will still write with a view to entertain as well as inform.

But we will be accentuating the real pioneering scientific advances in the field.

We are in a whole new era, and there are so many things here that fascinate us.

Please keep tuned as we finish our housekeeping chores and ramp up over the next few weeks.  Our goal is to excite you, amaze you, and hold your attention.  Check back frequently.

Dr John & Dr George and the gang at BFT




  1. Becky says:

    I have been educated and entertained by your site! I am looking forward to more posts. Come back soon!

  2. Sara Wingate says:

    Hello gentlemen,

    I’ve been following you off and on. I love learning the real deal in this skincare business I’m in.
    That said, can you tell me anything about LED panel put out by Celluma?
    Also, I’m not sure if I fully understood if micro-needling makes a noticeable difference (only if applying HA).
    If you’ll indulge me with one more question, a friend is selling an MLM product (ugh, I know) called Skincerity. The roll on serum creates a barrier to lock in moisture (?). I’m an esthetician and huge skeptic, but my friends skin does look better.

    Thanks for being available for us!

    • drjohn says:

      Hi Sara, LED technology has its fans, I am not one of them. Its simple, and safe, but I have yet to see results that impress me. Microneedling has a wonderful track record, and does a whole, with or without HA. HA more or less keeps things safer (by replacing the skin barrier during/after treatment). Growth factors & stem cytokines amplify the effect of the needling itself. Read our posts here about microneedling, and see Dr. Setterfield’s book for in depth peek at the physiology.

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