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  1. Julie says:

    Am I correct that stem cells derived from bone marrow are good and anti-inflammatory to apply topically with microneedling? I am grateful for your site and the time you take. It takes lots of time to put together a comprehensive website like this.

    • drgeorge says:

      Julie, your question gives us an opportunity to clarify why we chose the stem cells we did for our products. If one is trying to enhance healing and reduce inflammation using cell-derived biosignals (i.e. growth factors and cytokines), it makes sense to try and emulate how the body accomplishes those same effects. It is well proven there is a population of “wandering” stem cells that seeks out and repair tissue injury. They originate in the bone marrow and are call bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells. These are the cells we culture in our laboratory in order to harvest the biosignals that are ingredients in our products. These biosignals are used in our microneedling products.

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